Our Services

mts – the wetlab company GmbH is a service enterprise which focuses on the provision and organization of microsurgical training academies for ophthalmologists – wet laboratories, short wetlabs. The acronym mts in this context stands for microsurgical training systems. A wetlab can be defined as an assemblage of working stations for ophthalmologists to practice and perfect, under laboratory conditions, the skills and techniques employed in ophthalmic surgery and to get familiar, in an environment optimized for learning, with new products offered by the industry.

Although we cover the full spectrum of ophthalmic services, we are not restricted to these alone. We have been offering our services to neurologists, veterinary surgeons, as well as surgeons from other medical fields. Thanks to a full range of microscopes and monitors, we are able to assist any wetlab requirements in the medical field. We are also comprehensively equipped with drylab technologies, work with cochlear implants (CI) and all other technical tools for medical education.