About us

mts – the wetlab company GmbH is a service enterprise which focuses on the provision and organization of microsurgical training academies for ophthalmologists – wet laboratories, short wetlabs. The acronym mts in this context stands for microsurgical training systems. A wetlab can be defined as an assemblage of working stations for ophthalmologists to practice and perfect, under laboratory conditions, the skills and techniques employed in ophthalmic surgery and to make themselves familiar, in an environment optimized for learning, with new products offered by the industry.

Although we cover the full spectrum of ophthalmic services, we are not restricted to these alone. We have been offering our services to neurologists, veterinary surgeons, as well as surgeons from other medical fields. We are competent, with the help of a full range of microscopes and monitors, to assist any wetlab requirements in the medical field. We also provide drylab technologies, work with cochlear implants (CI) and all other technical tools for medical education.


Our goal is to provide the highest-quality service and equipment for ophthalmic education. mts – the wetlab company GmbH is proud of its team of friendly, helpful and well educated professionals always happy to support our partners, participants and instructors.

All the members of our staff are trained intensively on a regular basis by surgeons and industry partners alike to be able to assist our clients with all their knowledge and skills and be helpful wherever they can. This way our team, in close cooperation with our partners in the industry, ensures that all participants attain the high goals of each of our educational event.

Karlheinz Hannig in 1996

mts the wetlab company


Since its founding in 1996, mts – the wetlab company GmbH and its team have helped redefine the meaning of ophthalmic education, guaranteeing first-class standards for wetlab activities worldwide. mts – the wetlab company GmbH was incorporated by Karlheinz Hannig as managing director. Originally based in Innsbruck, Austria, it was transformed into a limited liability company in October 2013, and moved to Oetztal Bahnhof, Austria, in August 2015.

Breaking new ground

In 2014 we established our partner company eyecre.at GmbH. The motivation behind this step once more was our endeavor to run our wetlabs not only to the highest possible standards, but also to be innovative. The products required to achieve the latter end were not available on the market at the time. Thus, eyecre.at specializes in the development and production of just such products, like artificial eyes, which not only come as healthy artificial eyes but are also partially provided with injuries and other deliberately implemented abnormalities in order to help young ophthalmologists operate such circumstances under laboratory conditions.

MTS The wetlab company

Our Commitment

With a strong focus on practical hands-on surgical training, mts – the wetlab company GmbH has continuously extended its services over the years. We are continuously creating new approaches to our activities, and are inspired by our primary goal of offering the best ophthalmic education. We incorporate modern equipment and techniques, while keeping the essence of classical methods. Now mts – the wetlab company GmbH offers wetlab services for companies as well as for ophthalmic societies worldwide. Currently, we are in a position to provide over 70 fully equipped wetlab stations for different surgical topics at any one time, and of managing about 150 wetlabs a year. Among our customers there are international congress organizations, universities and clinics, as well as pharmaceutical companies around the world who hire mts – the wetlab company GmbH for the setting-up, equipping and organizing of wetlabs. We also hold our own wetlab academies at least three times a year.

mts – the wetlab company GmbH

mts – the wetlab company GmbH strives to adapt all new technologies to offer the most realistic training facilities worldwide. We provide the services for your event, no matter what size it is!